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Metal oxide nanowire chemical sensors:innovation and quality of life Available
Self-assembled nanoparticle dimers with contemporarily relevant properties and emerging applications Available
Tailoring structural inhomogeneities in metallic glasses to enable tensile ductility at room temperature Available
Graphene and transition metal dichalcogenide nanosheets as charge transport layers for solution processed solar cells Available
Emerging functional chiral microporous materials: synthetic strategies and enantioselective separations Available
Graphene nano-heterostructures for quantum devices Available
Artificial cells: from basic science to applications Taken
Green-solvent-processable organic solar cells Available
Nanomaterial-based sensors for the detection of biological threat agents Available
Fibers by interfacial polyelectrolyte complexation – processes, materials and applications Available
Controlled-release of opioids for improved pain management Available
Mesoscale design of multifunctional 3D graphene networks Available
Nanomaterials promise better bone repair Available
High-entropy alloy: challenges and prospects Available
Tumor microenvironment and intracellular signal-activated nanomaterials for anticancer drug delivery Available
Electrospun nanofibrous materials: a versatile medium for effective oil/water separation Available
Resistance random access memory Available
Carbon dots: large-scale synthesis, sensing and bioimaging Available
Chemical design of nanoprobes for T1-weighted magnetic resonance imaging Available
Osteoimmunomodulation for the development of advanced bone biomaterials Available
Heterostructures based on two-dimensional layered materials and their potential applications Available
Fabrication of aggregation-induced emission based fluorescent nanoparticles and their biological imaging application: recent progress and perspectives Available
Self-supported electrocatalysts for advanced energy conversion processes Available
Stimuli-deformable graphene materials: from nanosheet to macroscopic assembly Available
Understanding electrochemical potentials of cathode materials in rechargeable batteries Taken
Transition metal based layered double hydroxides tailored for energy conversion and storage Available
The matrix reloaded: the evolution of regenerative hydrogels Available
Low-cost, abundant binary sulfides as promising thermoelectric materials Available
Interfacial engineering for high performance organic photovoltaics Available
Wrinkled, rippled and crumpled graphene: an overview of formation mechanism, electronic properties, and applications Available
Magnetite nanoparticles for cancer diagnosis, treatment, and treatment monitoring: recent advances Available
Catalytic nanoarchitectonics for environmentally compatible energy generation Available
Covalent functionalization of MoS2 Available
Palladium based nanomaterials for enhanced hydrogen spillover and storage Available
Recent advances in printed sensors on foil Available
RNAi nanomaterials targeting immune cells as an anti-tumor therapy: the missing link in cancer treatment? Available
Inorganic nanoparticles for biomedicine: where materials scientists meet medical research Available
Supramolecular control over thermoresponsive polymers Available
Electrochromic energy storage devices Available
Calcium phosphates in biomedical applications: materials for the future? Available