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What is SciComm?

Science Communication Effectiveness Competition

SciComm is the first and only competition in the Philippines that aims to foster among high school students the skills needed for the effective communication of science ideas. It follows a pitch format: students are only given ten (10) minutes to present effectively and substantially the content of a paper published in major scientific journals.

It is open only to Grade 10 students from any school in the Philippines.

Each team is composed of two (2) students and one (1) Team coach who should be a teacher in the same school. Teams from the same school may have the same coach.

School participation is free and a maximum of 2 teams per school can join the competition.The two team members must deliver the presentation in the following way: they may alternate in talking and operating the projector as often as they want as long as each team member is able to talk and operate the projector at least once during the presentation. Nobody else (neither the organizers nor the coaches) will provide any form of technical assistance to the team during the actual presentation.

The SciComm Organizing Board is the body responsible for resolving disputes related to SciComm and is composed of UA&P faculty.

Guidelines for the Elimination Round

During the actual team presentation, the formal attire of both team members must abide by the University Dress Code (refer to UA&P Student Handbook found at Failure to do so will merit deductions from the team's final score.

All presentations used by the participating teams shall become the property of SciComm.

All presentations will utilize UA&P equipment such as computers, projectors, microphones, and clickers.

Guidelines for the Elimination Round

The only software application to be used is Adobe Acrobat Reader. Presentations should not include a movie or video. The purpose of the "minimalist" approach (Zen-style) to the presentation is to focus more on the communication skills rather than on the use of technology itself.

All pictures and figures in the presentation have to be cited properly. Failure to do so will disqualify the team from reaching the Final round.

Team Coaches should come at least in semi-formal attire, while the rest of the audience should be at least in smart casual attire.

Electronic devices should be turned off during the presentation. All team coaches will not be allowed to ask questions at the end of any team presentation.

Rules for the Elimination Round

  1. Teams will be assigned to a group. Each group will be presided over by the same set of three judges assigned to it. All teams in a group must deliver their presentation in the same venue following a random order. All team members belonging to a group are not allowed to visit the venue of the other groups when the team presentations have already started. (maximum of 11 teams per group) with the same set of three judges.

  2. Each team is allotted ten (10) minutes only to deliver their presentation before the judges and a live audience. A 2-minute break for Q&A (non-bearing) immediately follows each presentation. Anyone from the judges and the audience, except for the Team Coaches, may ask questions.

  3. Each team can only choose the technical article for their 10-minute Zen- Style presentation from among the list of articles available in the SciComm Website. Otherwise, the team loses its chance to participate in the competition.

After the Elimination Round

After announcing the finalist teams, their respective Team Coaches will meet to choose the technical article to be used for the Final Round. The selection of the technical article for the Final Round will follow a prescribed random procedure. All finalist teams will be asked to undergo at least 1 hour of coaching session on how to improve their presentations. These sessions will be conducted by the UA&P Integrated Marketing and Communications (IMC) alumni. The finalist teams belonging to the same group will undergo the coaching session together.

Rules for the Final Round

  1. During the Final Round, the order of presentations will follow a random order. There will be at least 3 judges for the Final Round. Each 10-minute presentation will be followed by a 3-minute break for Q&A (non-bearing). Anyone from the judges and the audience, except for the Team Coaches, may ask questions.
  2. The Final Round winners will be announced after at least a 2-hour break from the last team presentation. Prizes will be given to the top three teams and their respective coaches.

Past SCICOMM Winners

  • Champion:St. Scholastica's College Manila

    • Francheska Evonne Panis
    • Patricia Bianca Artillera
    • Coach: Elen Joy Alata

    1st Runner-up: Philippine Science High School (Main Campus)

    • Mheliza Ann Therese E. Madrid
    • Juris Hannah G. Adorna
    • Coach: Ana Victoria R. Lloren

    2nd Runner-up: PAREF Southridge School

    • Kevin Michael H. Limbaco
    • Juan Alejandro V. Yguico
    • Coach: Mico Donnel B. Siplon

  • Champion: Reedley International School (Manila)

    • Erwin Lee
    • Angela Felici Nicole Llamson
    • Coach: Ms. Rianna Mirga Manzanares

    1st Runner-up: Philippine Science High School (Main Campus)

    • Anna Sofia R. Serrano
    • Maria Janis Anaya S. Hernando
    • Coach: Ms. Ana Maria A. Chupungco

    2nd Runner-up: Pasig Catholic College

    • Amylee Opong
    • Kyle Maxene Luciano
    • Coach: Mr. Von Ryan Carpio

  • Champion: St. Scholastica's College, Manila (SSC - Manila A)

    • Nicole Dominique Tomas
    • Carinna Reyes
    • Coach: Winma Jane P. Carvajal

    1st Runner-up:St. Paul College, Pasig (Gryffinrawrs)

    • Colleen Marie P. De Luna
    • Maria Celina P. De Luna
    • Coach: Mr. Eriberto T. Miraflores, Jr.

    2nd Runner-up: St. Paul College, Pasig (Barium Cobalt Nitrogen)

    • Cassandra D. Deluria
    • Nicole Regina H. Chiong
    • Coach: Mr. Eriberto T. Miraflores, Jr.

  • Champion: Philippine Science High School (Main Campus)

    • Nina Gabrielle G. Domingo
    • Maxine Helga M. Pinpin
    • Coach: Mr. Jason Alvarez

    1st Runner-up: Makati Science High School

    • Alan Joseph Luga
    • Ma. Jesusa Faustina Ortega
    • Coach: Mr. John Sithli P. Mendoza

    2nd Runner-up: Miriam College High School

    • Kyla Michal Cabatit
    • Anna Rominia Cruz
    • Coach: Mr. Kenon Jairus C. Quitco
  • Champion: St. Paul College-Pasig

    • Alyssa Danette Uson
    • Camille Austine Muyco
    • Coach: Mr. Eriberto T. Miraflores, Jr.

    1st Runner-up: Jubilee Christian Academy

    • Daphne Lara Chan
    • Janine Micah Uy
    • Coach: Ms. Miracle Falculan

    2nd Runner-up: Ateneo de Manila High School

    • Emmanuel Acosta
    • Alfredo Joaquin Arias
    • Coach: Ms. Melinda Siega

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