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Recent trends in mesoscopic solar cells based on molecular and nanopigment light harvesters Available
Carbon nanotubes: controlled growth and application Taken
Bandgap engineering in a nanowire: self-assembled 0, 1 and 2D quantum structures Available
The β relaxation in metallic glasses: an overview Taken
Magnetic field guided colloidal assembly Available
Direct writing via electron-driven reactions Available
Polymer donor–polymer acceptor (all-polymer) solar cells Available
Photoacoustic microscopy in tissue engineering Taken
Small fluorescent nanoparticles at the nano–bio interface Taken
Advances in ultrafine-grained materials Taken
Processing metallic glasses by selective laser melting Taken
Synthesis and applications of graphene-based noble metal nanostructures Available
The potential of rapid cooling spark plasma sintering for metallic materials Available
Roles of graphene oxide in photocatalytic water splitting Available
Renal clearable inorganic nanoparticles: a new frontier of bionanotechnology Taken
Directed self-assembly of block copolymers for next generation nanolithography Available
Recent advances in graphene quantum dots for sensing Available
Radiation damage tolerant nanomaterials Taken
Properties of interlayer for organic photovoltaics Available
Plasmonic materials for energy: From physics to applications Available
Renewable polymeric materials from vegetable oils: a perspective Taken
Additives for morphology control in high-efficiency organic solar cells Available
Quantum dot field effect transistors Available
Lighting up micro-structured materials with four-wave mixing microscopy Available
The fascinating world of nanoparticle research Taken
Imparting the unique properties of DNA into complex material architectures and functions Taken
Hybrid polymer/lipid vesicles: state of the art and future perspectives Available
Recent progress on nanostructured 4 V cathode materials for Li-ion batteries for mobile electronics Taken
Modern plastic solar cells: materials, mechanisms and modeling Taken
A brief review of atomic layer deposition: from fundamentals to applications Available
Graphene-like layered metal dichalcogenide/graphene composites: synthesis and applications in energy storage and conversion Available
Composites of metal–organic frameworks: Preparation and application in adsorption Available
Boron–nitrogen based hydrides and reactive composites for hydrogen storage Available
On the challenge of developing advanced technologies for electrochemical energy storage and conversion Taken
Nanoporous graphene materials Available
Monitoring the chemistry of self-healing by vibrational spectroscopy – current state and perspectives Available
Molecular biomechanics of collagen molecules Taken
Rechargeable lithium–air batteries: characteristics and prospects Taken
Current progress and future perspectives for organic/inorganic perovskite solar cells Available
Supramolecular soft biomaterials for biomedical applications Available
Complex hydrides for hydrogen storage – new perspectives Available
Slime mold microfluidic logical gates Available
Light-emitting electrochemical cells: recent progress and future prospects Available
How to design low bandgap polymers for highly efficient organic solar cells Available
Two-phase transition of Li-intercalation compounds in Li-ion batteries Available
A decade of graphene research: production, applications and outlook Taken
Plasmonics in composite nanostructures Available
Advanced biomaterials for repairing the nervous system: what can hydrogels do for the brain? Taken
Electronic characterization of supramolecular materials at the nanoscale by Conductive Atomic Force and Kelvin Probe Force microscopies Available
Nonlinear plasmonic antennas Available
Light trapping in thin film organic solar cells Taken
Skin-inspired electronic devices Taken
The role of ceria-based nanostructured materials in energy applications Available
Magnetoelectrics for magnetic sensor applications: status, challenges and perspectives Available
Recent advances in the Si-based nanocomposite materials as high capacity anode materials for lithium ion batteries Available
Recent developments in the co-delivery of siRNA and small molecule anticancer drugs for cancer treatment Taken
Oxygen exchange materials for solar thermochemical splitting of H₂O and CO₂: a review Available
Miniature wire-shaped solar cells, electrochemical capacitors and lithium-ion batteries Taken
Short to ultrashort peptide hydrogels for biomedical uses Available
Carbon nanotube electronics: recent advances Available
Nanostructured and architectured boron nitride from boron, nitrogen and hydrogen-containing molecular and polymeric precursors Available
Finite-size effects in the 3D reconstruction and morphological analysis of porous polymers Available
Hydrogel-based actuators: possibilities and limitations Available
Designing biomimetic reactive polymer gels Available
Microporous adsorbents for CO₂ capture – a case for microporous polymers? Taken
Li-ion battery materials: present and future Taken
Nanoparticle plasmonics: going practical with transition metal nitrides Available
Colloidal self-assembly concepts for light management in photovoltaics Available
Transport mechanisms in nanopores and nanochannels: can we mimic nature? Available
Recent advances in dye-sensitized solar cells: from photoanodes, sensitizers and electrolytes to counter electrodes Available
Contact engineering in organic field-effect transistors Available
Scalable production of graphene via wet chemistry: progress and challenges Available
Flexible transparent conductors based on metal nanowire networks Taken
Breath analysis by nanostructured metal oxides as chemo-resistive gas sensors Taken
Dynamic electromagnetic metamaterials Available
The winding road for carbon nanotubes in nanomedicine Taken
Perovskite solar cells: an emerging photovoltaic technology Available
MoS₂ and semiconductors in the flatland Available
Ligand engineering in hybrid polymer:nanocrystal solar cells Available
Interpenetration in coordination polymers: structural diversities toward porous functional materials Available
Graphene and molybdenum disulfide hybrids: synthesis and applications Available
New directions in supramolecular electronics Available
Flexible fiber energy storage and integrated devices: recent progress and perspectives Available
Superhydrophobic and superoleophobic properties in nature Available
Microfiber devices based on carbon materials Available
Inorganic nanocarriers for platinum drug delivery Taken
Engineering cancer microenvironments for in vitro 3-D tumor models Taken
Additive manufacturing of multi-directional preforms for composites: opportunities and challenges Available
Photoluminescent carbon nanodots: synthesis, physicochemical properties and analytical applications Taken
Exploring nanomaterials with 3D electron microscopy Available
Graphene–protein field effect biosensors: glucose sensing Available
Novel materials through Nature’s catalysts Available
Organic photovoltaics: Crosslinking for optimal morphology and stability Available
Recent advances and remaining challenges in thin-film silicon photovoltaic technology Available
Engineering mid-infrared nanoantennas for surface enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy Taken
Solution-processed cathode interfacial layer materials for high-efficiency polymer solar cells Taken
TiO₂ polymorphsin ‘rocking-chair’ Li-ion batteries Available
Biomaterial based modulation of macrophage polarization: a review and suggested design principles Available
Graphene as a flexible electronic material: mechanical limitations by defect formation and efforts to overcome Available
AIE luminogens: emission brightened by aggregation Available
DNA-based plasmonic nanostructures Available
Therapeutically relevant aspects in bone repair and regeneration Taken
Graphene fiber: a new trend in carbon fibers Taken
PAMAM dendrimers as promising nanocarriers for RNAi therapeutics Available
New concept ultraviolet photodetectors Taken